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Benefits of Torlon Machining:

  • Benefit 1: High temperature service, up to 500 degrees F
  • Benefit 2: Corrosion resistance
  • Benefit 3: Chemical resistance
  • Benefit 4: No thermal deformation of threads until extreme elevation in temperature
  • Benefit 5: High voltage standoff applications
  • Benefit 6: Excellent creep resistance
  • Benefit 7: High mechanical strength
  • Benefit 8: Flame retardant
  • Benefit 9: Ultra-violet stability
  • Benefit 10: Cost reduction due to molding part rather then machining individual parts
  • Benefit 11: Torlon is half the weight of Aluminum
  • Benefit 12: Aztec has Approved Vendor Status from Solvay Advanced Polymers for molding and machining Torlon (polyamide-imide).

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Aztec Plastic Company is a full service plastic injection molding company that seeks to become an integral part of our customer’s team, helping in all stages of product development, from design to production. In addition we strive to be one of the leading custom molders of thermoplastic materials, giving our customers the highest standards of quality and service in the most cost effective way.

We work with Torlon Machining to provide you with the best materials for the job at hand. We can show your company multiple ways of creating customized solutions, using torlon screws for your company’s needs. Let us show you how we can implement torlon screws in your company.

Custom Injection Molding
Commercial Grade Resins

We specialize in custom injection molding of special thermoplastic, thermosetting, and composite materials. These materials can be selected to meet or exceed your specifications and enhance your products performance properties, such as appearance, durability, chemical resistance and corrosion resistance.

In Addition, Aztec is skilled in machined and molded prototypes, and both high volume and short run production. With Aztec Plastic Company, your solution is just around the corner.

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